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Give This Curly Updo A Try Today

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Whether you're looking for something to glam up your weekend brunch with your besties, or thinking about how you'll rock your curls when you say “I do,” this easy curly updo is for you! One of the best things about curls is the natural volume most strands create. This means you have the luxury of being able to style your hair in ways most people pay a lot of money to have done for them. Therefore, you should be experimenting with your strands to figure out what's best for you! Give this curly updo a try today. Make sure to let us know what occasion you wore it for!

Give This Curly Updo A Try Today

Step one: start by refreshing your second or third day curls. Apply dry shampoo to your roots to create volume and absorb any extra oils. Rub it in, lifting your roots as you go. After, use a curl refreshing spray or a leave in conditioner to rehydrate your strands. Allow your hair to dry before getting started.

Step two: create a deep side part to the left, and then section your hair into thirds. Two sections in the front of your head, and one from the crown back. Secure the section using duck billed clips to hold curls in place.

Step three: Take the lower part of the back section and begin twisting it around until you've created a knot at the back of your head. It should be just above the nape of your neck. Secure the knots in place using bobby pins and hair spray to secure it.

Step four: Take the upper part of the back section, and smooth it back, creating a twist above the knot. Secure it in place. Take the front right section of your curls, and wrap it around the knots you already created. Pin in place as you go, and don't be afraid to use hair spray. Finish by repeating with the remaining part of your hair.

Step five: That's it! It's a super easy look to achieve. It also works great for all lengths of curls from shoulder to long. Oce you've finished this updo, you can leave it unadorned or jazz it up for extra glam. Add a barrette, a bird cage hat, or veil can take this look to the next level for your big day.

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