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Give These Easy Curly Styles A Try Today

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you feeling like you're always doing the same old, same old with your curls? If so, you might be in a curl style rut! Therefore, you should give these easy curly styles a try today. You might be pleasantly surprised! Let us know which style you're rocking this week, as well as any you'd recommend for your other curly girls.

Give These Easy Curly Styles A Try Today

Half crown braid: 

Get your Guinevere vibe on with this boho chic half crown braid. This look is great for work, weekends, and date night. Refresh your curls with your regular curl refreshing spray. Once your curls are fluffed, create a middle part. Grab the upper  sections and create two braids. Loosen the braids slightly, and pull to the back of your head. Fasten, and pull out any extra strands you might like.

Give These Easy Curly Styles A Try Today


Pulled back:

You can literally achieve this look in seconds. We aren't kidding you. This look is perfect for second or third day curls to refresh your strands. Flip your strands over, and refresh from upside down. Flip your curls back over, and fluff your roots to increase volume. Gather the top half of your curls back, and push forward to create a slight puff. Fasten at the back of your head use an elastic or clip.

Give These Easy Curly Styles A Try Today


Half up bun:

Sensing a trend here? That's because these half up looks are so easy to pull off and look great on just about everyone. After you've refreshed your curls and puffed your roots to create volume, you're ready to style. Gather the top part of your curls, and tie off. Create a bun using the ponytail. Fasten into place with another hair tie, or with bobby pins. You can also braid the ponytail, and secure the braided bun into place.

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