Why You Should Get Regular Trims

curly hair


Trimming your hair is important, as you probably know. Without trims, your curls won’t grow long and be healthy. If you need more convincing about the benefits of curls, check out this list :

So fresh:

If you get regular trims, your curls will always look fresh and on point. Your haircut will always look great.

Control damage:

Keeping damage at a minimum is crucial to heathy curl growth. Splits will continue splitting up the hair shaft, keeping curls from growing long.

Minimize frizz:

If you haven’t been with your stylist lately, then book an appointment ASAP. Untrimmed curls can become frizzy and difficult to manage.

Helps growth:

Keeping your curls trimmed will encourage them to grow, as there’s less damage to make up for.

Avoid knots:

Knots, tangle and hair balls are a curl girl’s worst enemy. If your curls get a lot of knots, it can lead to damage, tears and long term issues for your strands, as the knots will only increase. Trims will help keep your dead ends from twisting together.

Minimize breakage:

Your curls won’t achieve length or be healthy if they break off. Curls that aren’t trimmed tend to thin out on the ends and become brittle, as they are no longer able to retain the necessary moisture they need to stay healthy. Trims will help cull the damaged ends and make sure your curls are easy to style and detangle.

Keep length:

The more regular trims you get, the longer your curls will grow. You should make sure you’re scheduling an appointment with your stylist for every 6-8 weeks so you get in the habit of going in for a regular snip. This will help keep your ends from splitting or breaking off. Over time, this can lead to better length, healthier and more manageable curls.