Should You Get Layers With Curls?

volumized layers

Figuring out the right way to get a haircut becomes even more complicated when curls are involved. Many of us have gone to a salon with high hopes of getting that perfect cut, only to leave with a botched ‘do. Layers are cut to help create a look of fullness and volume. When cut into curly hair, layers can enhance volume and movement. If you’ve been relaxing or straightening your natural curls, chances are your hair has sustained some damage and perhaps isn’t as texturized as you would like. Layers can help natural hair achieve the volume and texture that you’re hoping for.  We are going to give you our suggestions layers, how to know if you should get them and how to get the most out of layers for your curl type.

1. Determine if your curls are right for layers: Before booking your next salon appointment, ask yourself what you hope to achieve by getting layers, and if your curls are the right weight and density. If your curls are light and fine, they may not require layering. You will want to consider layers if your curls are dense and heavy, as length and weight can drag your curls down. Layers can allow heavier curls to support themselves, therefore creating a more voluminous look.

layered curls

2. Consider where you want the layers: Before going under the shears, consider where you want to achieve the most volume in your curls. Avoid getting layers the sides and back of your curls, instead focusing on the crown and top of your head. Ask your stylist to blend the back and sides with the layers they create on the top.  If you do feel like you want layers around the sides and back, make sure they’re long. Layers on the top and crown will increase volume in desired areas, without creating frizz.

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