Fail safe ways to style 4c curls

When you have 4c curls, it can be really easy to find yourself in a styling rut. If you’re thinking about refreshing your styles and adding some new go-tos into your rotation, here are some fail safe ways to style 4c curls . Give these styles a try, and if you find one you love, make sure you let us know.

Fail safe ways to style 4c curls

First and foremost, we’re all about showing off your curls in all their natural glory. Allow your natural texture to shine through, and let your curls stretch so you can show them off.

Did you ever consider that a pineapple might work for more than just a bedtime protective style? As the weather warms up, you can take this look from nighttime to the daytime hours. A pineapple can be prettied up by piling your curls on top of your head, securing them, and then fluffing up your curls.

This look is as classic as it is easy to accomplish. Simply slick back one side of your curls, pin it into place, and then scrunch up your curls so your natural shape and texture shines. You can also take this look to the next level by slicking back the other side for a super on trend faux hawk style.

This is another look that’s really, really easy to do and can work for most curl types. However, those with 4c curls will find this look works best for them, because their thick strands give enough lift and hold for the braid. The front braid can be thick and heavy, and then slick back the rest of your curls and create a bun.