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Fabulous styles for fabulous long, curly hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When you have long curls, it's relatively easy to find yourself in a rut when it comes to styling your strands. We all tend to fall back on what we know and what's easy, and it's no different with hair styles. However, it can sometimes be nice to shake things up, whether it's with a daily style, or with something more permanent. Give these fabulous styles for fabulous long, curly hair a try. If you find one you love, make sure to sound off in the comments and tell us all about it.


Middle part:

While the middle part is all the rage on social media, much to the annoyance of millennials, there are some positives about this classic style as well. A middle part can refresh your look, as well as give you extra styling options. You can try a low, sleek ponytail with a middle part, a braid, buns, knots, etc. It'll immediately update your look, as well as make you just a bit more edgy. And who doesn't like that?


Top knot:

This is a look that is often worn as a protective style, and we can see why. A top knot can be your friend at many lengths in your curly hair journey. From midlength to long, many curly girls rock this look throughout their lives. Why? Not only is it really easy to accomplish, it works and looks great with all types of curls. You can wrap the knot into a more controlled bun, or allow your curls to spill over and show off their natural texture. Either way, this look works great whether your curls are freshly washed, or you're on your second or third day curls.


Space buns:

If a top knot is too tired for you, give space buns a try. While this look does have some retro vibes, there are things you can do to update it. Try making your buns sleek, or leaving them messy and frizzy. You can also add accessories like barrettes, a hairband, or scarves to make the look uniquely yours. For your bottom half of your curls, you can leave it loose, rock a braid or ponytail. Really, there are so many ways to customize this look and really make it your own.

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