Easy updos for shoulder length curls

Do you ever find yourself doing the same old styles over and over with your curls? If so, you definitely aren’t alone. It’s easy enough to find yourself in a rut, but with many of us hanging out inside over the last year, styling curls has often fallen to the bottom of the list. However, with the world opening back up, it’s a great time to try experimenting with your curls. Here are some easy updos for shoulder length curls. Give these looks a try, and if you love them let us know!

Easy updos for shoulder length curls

This look isn’t just for bedtime anymore, kids! If you regularly use the pineapple for keeping your curls safe overnight, it’s time to consider it for daily wear as well. Simple refresh your curls, and flip your strands upside down. Shake your strands out to give yourself more volume, and then gather them in a loose knot on the top of your head. You can make it as tight or as loose as you need. And then you also don’t have to rearrange your hair before bed. It’s a win-win!


A top knot is so many things. It’s sleek, stylish, and really easy to do. This is a look that can see you through a day at the office, and out to dinner with your curls that evening. Start by refreshing your strands, and fluffing them up just a bit to help create some texture. Then, simply sweep your curls up on top of your head, and wrap your strands around to create a topknot. Secure with pins, and you’re ready for a chic look that also updates your look with a dash of sophistication.


This look works really well for date nights, and fancier events, but it also could work great for a day in the office. You can dress it up or down as needed, and it also works really well for all curly types. Start by sectioning your front hair into two parts. You can do a middle or side part, whichever your generational heart desires, and then twist back. Secure the twists, and then create a low ponytail. You can leave this ponytail low, or twist around to create a bun.