Cute curly styles with bangs

Do you have curly hair, and do you wish you could have bangs? Good news! You can. Bangs are for everyone, including curly girls. There are tons of cute curly styles with bangs. Check out these pictures, and see if any resound with you.

Cute curly styles with bangs

This girl is crowned in her curls. The soft, rounded cut gives makes her curls appear as a halo surrounding her face, and the soft fringe rounds out the look. By skimming the shoulders, the curls appear a bit longer, giving some visual interest to the haircut.

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to bangs, but you’d like to try it out, you can try pulling forward some of your strands to give the appearance of bangs. In this look, this curly girl created high buns, and allowed some of her hair to fall over her head as a long fringe. These bangs can be pushed to the side, or pinned back as necessary.

For those ready to take the plunge and go for the big chop, this look is so chic, with a big of edge. The extremely short fringe just barely brushes the forehead, but is very fine. By removing tons of weight, the curls are allowed to bounce up, showing off their natural shape.

Yes, waves are considered to be curls, and yes, wavy girls can rock bangs. This long layered look gives some definition and movement to strands that might otherwise get pulled down flat. By creating a soft, eye brow skimming fringe, this look get elevated to a more hip look. It can be side parted, or brushed down for a chic straight bang.

Sometimes, a little bit of mess can be welcome! Not all curls are perfectly coiffed, and that’s totally ok. This look is a bit rumpled and wild, but that’s what makes it interesting. Rather than fighting frizz, embrace it. These unruly strands look great, and the bangs are soft, but still there on display.