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More cute curly styles with bangs

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Do you have curly hair, and do you wish you could have bangs? Good news! You can. Bangs are for everyone, including curly girls. There are tons of cute curly styles with bangs. Check out these pictures, and see if any resound with you.

More cute curly styles with bangs


Fashion colors are here to stay, and this lavender color is absolutely gorgeous. For curly girls with wavy strands, these long, thick layers and an eye brow skimming fringe make this look positively ethereal. If your waves aren't popping up as you'd like, you can hit your strands with a large barreled curling iron.


For any curly girl who wants an easy to manage style, try this adorable short pixie with bangs. This look is easy to maintain, and the longer bang gives some visual interest, while providing hair that can be swept back as needed. This is a great look for those who are considering taking the big chop!


Layers are incredibly flattering for curly hair. These layers allow for your natural strands to pop up, letting the coils show off their natural shape. A side swept bang gives the hair some visual interest, and can be pushed from side to side to mix it up.


This looks is an absolutely head turner. While bleaching your curls is absolutely going to cause some damage to your strands and perhaps some frizz, this look embraces it. The short layers give structure to the strands, letting the natural coils of the hair shine through. The wispy bangs make this curly girl's eyes really pop.


Bobs are a classic look, but sometimes even the classics need to be turned on their head. This multi-colored bob allows the individual coils to really shine, and the bangs skim the eyebrows to show off the shortness of the haircut. Even if you didn't want to go with fashion colors, you can try this look anyway!

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