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Curly Styles For Women

by Chelsea Castonguay
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As we age, it can feel as though our style choices become limited. If you have curly hair, it sometimes feel even more so. However, you don't have to limit yourself when it comes to how you rock your gorgeous curls. Here are some beautiful curly styles for women. These styles are elegant, timeless, and suitable for all types of curls.

Curly bob


Is there anything more chic or timeless than a bob? We don't think so! This curly woman has embraced not only her natural curls, but also her gorgeous gray and silver strands. The short bob highlights her natural coils, and some stacking in the back keeps the look youthful.

Short and feisty:


This gorgeous and feisty look shows that no matter how old you are, you can rock a pixie. This rock and roll look shows off this woman's beautiful coils, and the trimmed nape of her neck highlights her unique tattoos. This look would work great for all types of curls, including waves as the shorter length would take weight off of your strands.

White curls:


While it can be tempting to have white curls colored, there isn't anything more glorious than a crown of white curls! Show off your beautiful silvery strands with a shoulder-skimming style that allows your strands to pop up and show off their natural shape and texture. Some shorter curls to frame the face gives the cut a more youthful look.

Long locks:


No matter how old you are, long locks show off a playfulness, as well as elegance, and sophistication. These gorgeous long locks show off the silvery whiteness of the curls beautifully, and some softer strands around the face give a youthful appearance.

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