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Curly Hairstyles We Love

by Chelsea Castonguay
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As we head into another winter, it might be time to think about refreshing your look. Therefore, if you've come here for inspiration, you're ion the right place. These are the curly hairstyles we love. Give these looks a glance through and see if you can find something that'll get you jump-started for the next year. Make sure to let us know if you go with one of these great looks.

Curly Hairstyles We Love


Deep side part with layers

When your curls are long without layers, this can start dragging down your strands. Therefore, you could consider allowing your stylist to chop off those dead ends, and give your curls some long layers. This will help your strands bounce up, and let your curls' natural shape shine through. To get more volume and lift, create a deep side part across the top of your head to help give your curls more heft.

Bob and bangs

Is there anything nicer than a bob? We don't think so! This universally flattering hair cut looks great on just about anyone, and works really well with a lot of different curl types. This shoulder grazing bob allows curls to really stand out by removing extra weight. The addition of the side bangs gives some visual interest around the face, and allows for something to play with to mix it up. You can style them or pin them back.


U-cut curls

U-cut curls don't mean it's something u should be cutting on your own. Rather, the name of this style refers to the shape your curls make when cut. The u shape softens the look, so your curls won't be pointed or ragged when you put them in a ponytail. The dark color on these curls creates great shimmer and shine to give these curls dimension as well.

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