5 Hairstyles That Prove Curly Can Go Short


We’ll cut straight to the chase, going short isn’t all that hard. Once you gain the confidence to make the big chop the struggle lies in finding the right cut to keep your curls on fleek. One wrong cut can turn into months of awkward growing out stages, but don’t dash away from the scissors just yet! Whether you have coils, waves or some serious texture we’ve rounded up 5 hairstyles that prove curly can go short. From easy and breezy to edgy and bold these liberating crops are sure to flaunt your inner strength, flatter your features and show that curly girls can have it all.

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1.TWA :


source: stylewithezil.com

Keep things natural with a TWA (teeny weeny afro) and be sure to check out this tutorial on styling your short ‘fro with fun accessories like headbands, flowers or scarves. TWA’s are super versatile, easy to style and they show off your natural features! If you want to play with color the TWA is very forgiving, because as your hair grows you can easily trim it off. For the finishing touch accessorize with some big earrings and fierce makeup.

source: youtube.com @ Traeh Nykia

2. Wavy Bob :


source: instagram.com/anhcotran

Okay, so there was the bob, the lob and now there is the wob; a wavy bob. This is the “it girl” style that everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Beyoncé is trying right now. The wob isa great first step towards going short without going all the way. It’s playful, fun and works with all face shapes. While this look is easiest for girls with looser curls, the wob is versatile enough for all textures.

3. Buzzed :


source: byrdie.co.uk

This is the biggest and boldest trend in short hair this year. It takes a LOT of confidence to brave the shave, but from those who do, they say that making the cut is ultra liberating. If you take the leap into buzz cut territory wear it proud and pair with a bright and bold lipstick.

4. Pixie :


source: instagram.com/beautybyrachelrenae

Pixie cuts accentuate your features and make your cheekbones pop! Classic style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and Mia Farrow are known for their close crops, and the trend hasn’t stopped with them — the pixie is here to stay. This look takes the pixie to new style levels with a shaved side and length on top to showcase those curls. Whether you’re feeling edgy or romantic, there is a pixie cut out there to suit your personality.

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5. Shag :


source: glamour.com

This sassy, chin-length look grabs some inspiration from the 70’s and grunge era — it’s a little bit rock ’n roll and a little bit hang loose. The trend-conscious shag encourages texture so it’s wearable for girls with all curl types. By the way, don’t let the bangs deter you, ‘cause curly girls can rock some fringe too.If you’ve been contemplating going short, don’t let your curls stop you! These looks prove that curly can take the cut. It’s up to you to know your curls, and find the chicest chop to make your personality shine.

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