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Let’s Turn Some Heads! DIY Prom Hairstyle ´Dos For Curly Hair

by Michelle Swift
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Ahhhh Prom. It’s one event that you’ll be remembering for a long time, so own it, girl! You’ve got
the dress, the shoes, and the lipstick to match, all that’s left now is the hair. From stretch
Hummers to prom tickets things can get super spendy for a one-time event, which is where
curly hair comes to the rescue — it’s already curly! Everybody who’s anybody, curls their hair for
prom night, but you can totally save some bucks by ditching the salon and making an
appointment with your DIY skills and a little help from us. You heard right, make your prom even
more special and personal by giving your curls their very own makeover with one of our DIY-
inspired styles for curly hair. We’re sure you’ll be turning heads with one of these trendy, flirty
and fierce styles for your big night out.

Taking Control Of Your Curls

1. Carmen Miranda:


source: harpersbazaar.com

Girls are going bananas for this look! Simply let those curls flow long and
loose and pin one side back by tucking an accessory into those locks — we’re thinking some
bright flowers, glitzy jewels or a feathery show-stopper to accent your frock.

2. Braid Hawk:


source: edendibianco.com

Let’s face it, the faux hawk is on the outs, but the braid hawk is just getting
started. Make a BIG statement with this ultra-trendy ‘do.

3. Sparkly Side Twists:


source: seventeen.com

For all you shorties out there, you can do an updo too! Show off those
curls with this fresh, asymmetrical twist and don’t forget the sparkly barrettes, they add that
extra twinkle.

4. Hair Tattoos:


source: buzzfeed.com

Okay, so last year, Charmsies were the “it” hair accessory with their iron-on gold
stars. This prom season, get ahead of the trend with some unexpected bling from Scunci — hair
tattoos. That’s right, stick, wet and violà — instant glam!

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5. Disney Princess Braid:


source: bustle.com

Dazzle your Prince Charming with this Disney Princess-style braid
inspired by Elsa from Frozen. If you can French braid, then you can totally DIY this look.

6. Side Ponytail Braid:


source: cosmopolitan.com

A ponytail is perfect for prom because not only is it mega stylish, but
sturdy enough for you to dance all night long without worrying about your hair holding up. Make
that pony prom-worthy by glamming it up with a chic French side braid.

7. Double Bang French Twist:


source: loxabeauty.com

If you’ll be dancing the night away in a vintage dress, pair it with
this retro twisted ‘do for added fun and flair.

8. Baby Buns:


source: seventeen.com

Who says prom hair has to be serious? Show off your playful vibe with these mini
There you have it. Eight prom-perfect hairstyles that are sure to make your big night one to
remember — Lets hear it for the curls!

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Michelle Swift

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