Goodbye Flat Iron: 5 Must Have Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hairstyles-for-long-curly-hair It can be tough to find curly hair inspiration in a tangle of blowouts and beach babe waves, which is why we’ve combed through the mess to uncover 5 must have styles that all curly haired gals with long hair will love. Go ahead, drop that flat iron and get on trend with enhancing and embracing your natural hair texture. There is no better time than spring for a little self-transformation, so let’s take it from the top – your tresses. Long hair opens up a lot of options and all of us with curls know that curly hair can be a surprise from day to day. Sometimes you’re dealt frizz and other times you get flat locks, but on the flip- side you also get a lot of options which is what our must have styles are all about. From lazy day hair to sleek updos, we’ve got you covered for whatever comes your way.

When Length Isn’t Everything for Curly Hair

1. Side French Braid :



Flirty, fun and flexible this French braid works great with long layers. Not only does this style look great with curly hair, but it is super low-maintenance too. To get this dramatic side-angled effect begin your braid roughly over your right eye and braid down to your left side or vice versa. Hint: Stretch out your braid by pulling gently at the sides to widen it and create a thicker appearance.

2. The Headband Hair Pile :



Forego the messy bun and show off your hair’s natural texture with this versatile updo. Follow the easy tutorial to gain major volume and the perfect twist to flaunt those curls.
Bonus: The addition of headbands ensures you stay on trend with the latest in hair accessories – we suggest gold.

3. Scarf Wrapped Curls:

When curly hair can’t be tamed turn to the statement scarf. Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, Savannah K Wallace shows us 3 easy ways to style curly hair with a scarf: Low Pony, High Pony Twist and Low Side Bun. We’re pretty sure that you’ll love these looks so much, you’ll add scarf collecting to your list of hobbies.

source: @ Savannah K Wallace

4. Elegant Updo :



If you’re feeling fancy and need something to pair with that little black dress, this updo is it. Sleek, romantic and topped with a plaited twist — if the dress doesn’t turn any heads, your hair surely will! The step-by- step directions are easy to follow and simple enough to complete the look yourself; no extra set of hands required.

6 Boho Chic Updos For Curly Hair

5. Fake Bangs:

Yes, curly hair and bangs can be a thing. Bangs may not be something every curly girl wants to sport every day, but when you’re feeling blah and scissors seem to be your only option, this look will make the cut. Thanks to YouTuber, Gilan Sharfani, a beauty blogger from Norway, for showing us that girls with curls can rock bangs too.

source: @ Gilmakeup
Try one or all of these must have styles on your long locks, embrace those curls and kiss that flat iron goodbye!

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