6 Hairstyles Every Black Girl With Curly Natural-Texture Needs This Summer


Calling all curly girls with natural hair — if you’re tired of coordinating your fitness schedule around your hair needs, it’s time to go natural. That´s right, step away from the relaxers and chemical straighteners and embrace your natural texture. In just a few short months summer will be here and we think it’s the perfect time to show the love for your locks by investing in your natural curl. Going au natural may take some time but you’ll get there and when you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. From waves, braids, twists and coils we’ve got the looks you need to enhance your natural texture just in time for summer.

1. Everyday Afro :


source: abeautifulmess.com

The “it-girl” style we all wish we could have. The afro is one of those iconic looks where bigger is always better and this long and luscious ‘fro is giving us all the feels.Speaking of feels, why is it that when you rock an afro EVERYONE wants to touch it!? Steal this look with chunky two-strand twists and a few bantu knots.

2. High-Top Fade:


source: curlsunderstood.com

Introducing the ultimate diva who proves that natural-textured hair is uberversatile. A quick search on Google images of Chrisette Michele will bring up a multitude of her looks from box braids, twists, TWA’s and we’re not even gonna get into the colors! Let’s just say,when it comes to style this girl’s got it going on, but what we really crave is her natural hair in a blonde bombshell, high-top fade.

3. Ombrè Box Braids:

source: youtube.com @ MariaAntoinetteTV

Popularized by Janet Jackson in the 1993 movie, Poetic Justice, box braids are making a big comeback. It’s a process that’s not for the faint of heart, but Maria Antoinette makes it all worthwhile by sharing her technique for DIYing your own box braids like a pro. With some TLC, this protective style could get you through the summer (check out these tips ) and if you want to play around with color, you risk zero damage on your natural locks. We think these black, lilac and grey-hued ombrè strands are right on trend and will definitely create some serious hair envy.

4. Bantu Knots :


source: abeautifulmess.com

Hello 90’s! The bantu knot is a look that gives natural girls a two-for- one style which we think, is like, totally cool. LaTonya shows us how to get four days of style out of this look. First, rock those knots with confidence a la 90’s style and after you’re done, unravel your knots to expose a fun curly ‘do. Remember, more knots = more curls.

5. Faux Bob :


source: xoxo-brosia.com

The summer heat is coming soon and if you’re feeling the urge to chop your hair,take a tip from Brosia and fake a bob. That’s right girls, natural-textured hair is super clutch because of its ability to hide bobby pins and hold some sharp edges. If you’re on the prowl for something totally different without having to make the chop, be sure to watch the tutorial and get this faux bob.

6. Milkshake Straw Curls:

source: youtube.com @ CurlDaze

Summer calls for creamy, cool milkshakes and lots of waves. #DYK that milkshake straws are the perfect thing to create bouncy waves in your natural hair? That’s right, milkshake straw curls are legit and this tutorial shows you a heatless method for getting a headful of bouncy curls just in time for summer.

Find a style that works for your texture and let those curls go natural this summer, it’s worth it!