Curl Talk: Which Curly Hair-Cutting Method Is Right For You?


All curls are not one size fits all, finding a stylist who understands this can be tough, which is why we’ve rounded up some hair-cutting methods for curlies just like you.
Deciding on which technique you should try, depends on your personal preference, but most importantly, on your curls. To help you choose, we’ve compiled four curly hair-cutting methods that are proven to make your curls look and act their best. Find a salon that specializes in one of these curly-girl methods and see which one works best for you.

1. Deva Cut :

This dry-cutting technique, masterminded by Lorraine Massey, the author of “Curly Girl”
and co-owner of Devachan Salon , is based on the idea that we wear our hair dry, so why not cut it that way too?
Stylists undergo special training to learn this dry-cutting technique allowing them to sculpt each client’s hair according to their unique curl.
The stylist assesses your face shape, curl pattern and texture before making cuts, curl by curl, to give your hair an attractive shape — it’s a one-of- kind cut.

source: @ Teen Vogue

2. Ouidad Cut :

The philosophy behind this wet-cut technique is that curls are not consistent from
day to day, so when you get them cut wet, your curls are being shaped into a pattern that will
create movement and consistency. Ouidad’s patented method is known as the Carve and Slice
technique. Hair is either carved, removing more hair typically on tighter, thicker curls or sliced,
removing less hair to create volume and shape on finer, looser curls. Ouidad believes that by
skillfully carving and slicing curly hair, the stylist can create a hair shape that causes the curls to
cascade and fit together like pieces of a puzzle to ensure a consistent and flawless style every
time you go in for a cut.

source: @ Blue Couch Media

  1. Tunnel Cut :

Here is a method designed for curly girls with highly textured hair. Developed by
Jonathan Torch as a way to remove unnecessary bulk so that shaping and styling curly hair is
easy, controllable and fun. By working in sections, the stylists are able to identify areas where
they can create small, thin tunnels to remove excess bulk. This method also avoids over-cutting
and over-thinning which encourages growth. If you want your highly textured curls to move
freely and bounce around get this cut.

source: @ Curly Hair Solutions

4. RI CI Cut :

Ricky Pennisi, known as “The King of Curly Hair” bases his technique on hair
weight and density rather than curl pattern. Known as the RI CI cut, this method is performed on
wet hair and works on all textures, thicknesses and lengths. The RI CI cut begins by
determining what the problem area is, hair is then worked on in individual sections and cuts are
made only when necessary. After each cut the hair is shaken out to ensure that the hair lies
properly before tackling the next section. If you have wavy hair this cut will enhance your curl,
curly girls get more control and coils will get less bulk to make room for curls to form and move.
Every head of curls is unique just like every RI CI cut.

source: @ Modern Salon

We get it, every curly-girl has had their fair share of bad haircuts, so what are you waiting for?
Go out and find a salon that’s skilled in a technique that works for you — your curls deserve it.