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Cheat Sheet: 10 Quick and Easy Hairstyle Videos That Every Curly Girl Needs For School

by Michelle Swift
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I can’t recount the number of times I left the house with wet hair just so that I wouldn’t be late for class. Between hitting
snooze, putting together an outfit and perfecting make-up, there’s not a lot of time to ensure that your hair is on point for school too. Thankfully, you can say Sayonara to bad hair days because we’ve drawn up a cheat sheet of ten hair tutorial videos that are set to satisfy all of your school hair goals. Before you scroll though, get your notebooks out ‘cause you’re going to want to jot down your fave looks — one for every day of the week!

1. 5 Fast & Easy School Heatless Hairstyles:

source: youtube.com @ Rclbeauty101

Take a few tips from this high-school vlogger on how to score some major hair envy on your first days back at school. These heatless styles
incorporate some braids, but we promise they are super easy and fast.

2. 5 Easy Curly Hairstyles For School:

source: youtube.com @ Luhhsettyxo

You won’t dread waking up to that alarm when you´re armed with these hairstyles that range from edgy to sweet.
Bonus: You can try a different style for each day of the school week.

3. Natural Hair | 8 Bun Styles for Curly Hair:

source: youtube.com @ Kharissa Rae

Rock that dirty hair, don’t care attitude now that you know you can put it in a bun! We get it, between homework, family and your social life it’s hard to squeeze in some extra time to wash your hair, but Kharissa comes to the rescue with eight awesome bun styles that you can do on unwashed, natural hair and look fab!

4. Running Late Hair Fixes | No Heat, 8 Styles:

source: youtube.com @ Tess Christine

Don’t hit snooze! We know curly hair can take a lot of the time to style and tame, but with these quick fixes you’ll arrive to class in style and on time.

5. 6 Easy Hairstyles For Wet Hair:

source: youtube.com @ JaaackJack

Finish up that science project that’s due or blow-dry your hair? Rushed mornings can call for tough decisions like these, so when you’re caught between your hair and homework, turn to Jackie’s lifesaving tutorial on styling your hair wet. That’s right, you can still get an A in science and look good too.

6. 5 Everyday Curly Hairstyles:

source: youtube.com @ AndreasChoice

Andrea is, without a doubt, one of YouTube’s go-to beauty gurus and she’s bringing curly girls all the must-have looks from buns, braids and ponytails that you need for school.

7. No-Heat Plopping Curls | Back-to- School Hairstyles:

source: youtube.com @ Cute Girls Hairstyles

Clearly, resting your textbook under your sleeping head won’t fill it with knowledge, but sleeping with your hair wrapped in a cotton T-shirt
will make you wake up with perfect curls. That’s right girls, you can now do your hair in your sleep!

8. 10 Hairstyles For Growing A Pixie Cut:

source: youtube.com @ Hannah Rupp

Last year was all about the pixie, this year you want long hair. We always want what we can’t have — story of our lives right!? Well, if your pixie didn’t miraculously grow out over the summer YouTuber, Hannah Rupp as ten styles to make your grown out pixie fun and stylish.

9. How To Style Short Hair (Lob) | Easy Hairstyles:

source: youtube.com @ Shawna Truong

Everyone has a lob. Stand out from the crowd by dressing yours up this school year with four different styles that are stupid easy to pull

10. How To Refresh Curly Hair:

source: youtube.com @ CurlyPenny

No time for a shower? Don’t sweat it (literally) ‘cause Curly Penny, is sharing her super easy method for reviving those second day curls.

Thanks to the brilliant hair advice from these YouTubers, curls will definitely rule at school!

Michelle Swift

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