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The Best Professional Hairstyles for Curly Girls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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layered curls


You may have heard a myth that curls aren’t professional. Indeed, some employers and schools are sending the message to women that wearing their natural hair isn’t professional and are encouraging them to straighten or flat iron it in order to meet dress code standards. We think that’s a whole lot of ridiculous and want our curlies to know that however you choose to rock your curls is the right way! If you do work for a company that requires a little stricter dress code, here are some suggestions for styles that will make sure your curls are on point whether it’s in the boardroom or the lunchroom.

sandra b c


Short and sassy: If your curls are short, a sassy bob is the way to go! This cut is timeless and looks great on just about anyone. Having a shorter length allows you to play with your curl’s style and texture, letting your personal style come through while still keeping it professional for the workplace.

tyra blond


Middle of the road: If you have a presentation you need to nail, consider channeling your inner Tyra for an extra boost of fierceness. This style features a straight middle part and long wavy curls. It says I’m in charge, but still want to have some fun!



Curly pixie: For our more adventurous curlies, consider making the ultimate chop for a pixie! This adorable cut (bonus points for going asymmetrical) allows you to create polished looks for office days while giving flexibility to cut it loose on the weekends and evenings.

natural curls


Au naturale: Girl, your curls are gorgeous as is. To get this super chic look, ask your stylist to work with your curl pattern to create layers that will elevate and add volume without creating the dreaded triangle look.



Sweet and curly: (tswift) Finding a style icon with curls can be tough, but TSwift always delivers. Look for inspiration in her younger days when she had long curls that she touched up with a curling iron to create a more uniform look. The side part brings a little softness to the look.

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