Best products to enhance your wavy curls

Those with wavy hair know how hard it can be to coax your strands into tighter, well-formed curls. Wavy hair tends to be on the finer side, so it can be difficult to find products designed specifically for your strands, without weighing down your hair. Here are some of the best products to enhance your wavy curls. Give these suggestions a try, and make sure to let us know which are your favorites!

Best products to enhance your wavy curls

Twisted Sistah, 30 second curl spray :

This product is lightweight, and helps coax tighter curls out of wavy hair. Curls will be smoother, softer, and easier to style. In addition to working really well, it’s been described as having a “delicious” smell, so what’s not to love about that?

Bumble and Bumble, BB Curl pre style :

Bumble and Bumble is one of those tried and true curl care brands that’s been around forever, and it’s easy to see why. This brand promises to “control unruly hair.” It’s loaded with healthful ingredients such as cupuacu butter, brazil nut oil, babassu oil, and pracaxi oil. Most importantly, it also keeps out everything you don’t want in your curls, like parabens, sulfates, and alcohol.

Moroccan Oil intense curl cream :

This nourishing curl care cream is absolutely loaded with ingredients that will help your wavy curls pop right back up. It has Argan oil, and vitamins, which help your waves bounce into curls, and help strengthen any damage your strands may have undergone.

Sexy Hair, Curl enhancer :

When you need your waves to tighten up into curls that last all day, reach for a bottle of this tried and true product. Apply it throughout damp curls, and then scrunch upwards to help activate your curls. It provided great curls without weighing down your strands or creating crunch.

Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Curl Defining Gelee :

This product line is often under-utilized, but we don’t know why. It works great, and has options for lots of different curl types. It has great quality ingredients, including sunflower oil, marshmallow root, and aloe to help work through the snarliest of knots without damaging your curls. It also helps minimize frizz, which some wavy girls are prone to.