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Beautiful ways to wear your curls up this summer

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Summer is almost here and with it promises of long days on the beach, days in the sun, and going out with friends. However, you might already be thinking about how uncomfortable curls can be in the heat. Nobody wants their hair to be a sweaty mess throughout the summer. One of the best ways to beat the heat is to put your curls up. However, we're over the same out tired ponytails! Here are some beautiful ways to wear your curls up this summer.


During summer's hottest days you just don't want to deal. One of the best ways to manage your strands is to put your curls up in a top ponytail. For an extra chic addition, you can use a bit of your hair to wrap around your ponytail, and then pin it in place underneath the ponytail.


When you want to take it easy but don't want to put into a lot of effort, you can try this beautiful, loose side braid. This braid works really well for all curly types, and you can make it as loose or as structured as you want. This is a look you could start by having it a bit tighter during the morning for work, and loosening it up for an evening out. Bring the braid to side, and tie it off on a low ponytail. Then, refresh your curls and scrunch them.


Is there a curly girl out there who doesn't have a bunch of scarves hanging around? There are so many great uses for scarves, and during the warmer month it's no exception. You can use a scarf or headwrap to take your look to the next level, provide some visual interest, and keep all your curls swept up so they aren't hanging down your neck. You can leave your fringe down, or you can sweep it back off your forehead if you'd like.

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