Beautiful Short Cuts For Wavy Hair

Wavy girl, we know you don’t get nearly enough love! While there’s a ton of information out there about how to take care of curls, there’snot nearly as much specifically for wavy hair.While your strands often fall into the same category as curls, we know they’re actually quite different. Therefore, we wanted to bring you some content just for you. These are some beautiful short cuts for wavy hair. Take a look, and if one strikes your fancy, make sure you let us know.

Beautiful Short Cuts For Wavy Hair

Shaggy bob

Is there anything more universally flattering than a bob? For wavy girls, too much weight can sometimes drag down the shape of your more delicate curls. Therefore, a bob with lots of layers can actually help elevate your look by removing excess weight. In you want something with a bit of a more modern, boho vibe, go for this lovely shaggy bob. The shoulder-skimming length still provides some fullness, but the shaggy layers give a sense of fun.

Stacked bob:

I know, we already showed you a bob above, but hear us out. Bobs are great, and this one is awesome. The short look is great for those who are wanting to take the big chop and get rid of their old dead ends. Shorter length allows waves to really bounce up and for your natural texture to come through. Stacking in the back gives this bob some extra shape, and it’s very easy to maintain.

Super short:

Going this short isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a wavy girl who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time coaxing some shape out of your curls, we have you covered. Going very short with your strands makes your wash and go wave care even easier. For this look, you’ll merely need to apply a small handful of mousse throughout, scrunch your waves, and allow it to air dry, which will take no time at all.