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Amazing Short Cuts For Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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There are a lot of articles out there on how to grow, care for, and style long curls. Sometimes, it's easy to feel as though short curls get left behind. However, we want you to know we see you, curly girls rocking the short manes, and we love your style! To celebrate you, and to offer inspiration to those who want to go shorter, here are amazing short curls for curly hair. Give these a look-through, and let us know if you find any you want to try.

Amazing Short Cuts For Curly Hair

For our girls with kinky coils, this look can give you a low-maintenance cut that also is effortlessly chic and stylish. Seriously, how cool is this half-circle hard part? Keep it trimmed regularly for a look that won't require a huge amount of effort on your part to care for.


If you aren't ready to cut it all off yet, that's ok! A cut like this might just the ticket you need for giving your strands a lift, without removing all of your length. The tapered back keeps the curls close to the back of your neck, but still gives lots of great movement on the top. Additionally, we like this look because you can still style the top curls and add accessories like clips or headbands to mix it up. If you're feeling edgy, you can train it up into a fauxhawk, or slick it back for a sophisticated, chic look.

One thing we like about very short styles is that it makes it a bit easier for you to experiment with color. While a lot of curly hair types experience significant damage from bleaching or coloring their hair, when you're going short it's much easier to cut off damage. Therefore, if you want to try experimenting with color, considering giving this adorable and stylish mohawk a try. The short edges are easy to maintain, and the length on top still gives you some curls to play with for a variety of fun looks.

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