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Adorable bobs for curly girls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Whether you just want a fresh new ‘do or you're looking to take the plunge with the big chop, a bob is the way to go. There's a reason this haircut never goes out of style, and that's because it's universally flattering. Bobs look great on just about all hair types, and can really elevate your look. Additionally, they're very customizable, so you can work with your stylist to create the bob that's right for you. For inspiration, check out these adorable bobs for curly girls. If one of these looks strikes your fancy, make sure you let us know!

Adorable bobs for curly girls


Actress Ellen Pompeo has gained notoriety on the long running show Grey's Anatomy, but her hair is always on point. This asymmetrical bob gives her fine, wavy hair lift and texture. It's clear her stylist went in with a curling iron to give her natural texture a more defined shape, but this bob would be great on wavy hair as well. Having one side a bit shorter than the other brings visual interest, and a bit of edginess as well. You can work with your stylist to play with lengths to determine which one's best for you.


JLH is absolutely rocking this center parted bob. The gentle curls give this bob movement and flow, while the center part keeps it youthful. This is another look that would work great on lots of different curl types, and ask your stylist for layers to keep the look fresh. Layers keep your bob from getting too heavy, allowing curls to bounce up. This is another look that could be allowed to go a bit longer, if you'd like to keep your length, and instead opt for a lob: a long bob!


If you;re thinking about going for a really short look, take your style cue from Kristin Stewart. The Twilight actress has been keeping her locks short over the last few years, and this super short bob makes it easy to see why. For those who was a low maintenance look that won't require hours of care, this type of bob is for you. Shorter curls makes for a very easy wash and go. Curly girls who opt for a shorter style like this not only save time, they also save a bundle on curl care products.

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