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Accessories To Make Your Curls Pop This Summer

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Summer is almost here. That means if the sun's out, curls are out! While we sometimes find ourselves falling into the same old patterns of putting our curls into a ponytail or a hat, we think this summer it's time for more dressing up. These are accessories to make your curls pop this summer. Give these looks a try to make your summer extra wonderful.

Accessories To Make Your Curls Pop This Summer


Is there anything sweeter than a flower crown? We don't think so! Whether you're heading to a festival or hanging out in the backyard taking photos with friends, a flower crown adds an extra touch of boho chic to your summer plans. One of the great things about flowers is that you can craft your own crown, or tuck even a couple blooms behind your ear. If you have longer curls, you can even try braiding some flowers into your strands. Either way, you can't go wrong with a floral effect!


Hair bows are having a serious moment, and they aren't just for little girls. We love bows because there are a ton of varieties out there, in different fabrics and various price points. This means that you'll be sure to find a bow that's suited for you and your curls. You can either create your own by tying a ribbon into your hair, or by gluing a bow to a pin and slipping it into your curls. Alternatively, you can tuck a tiny bow into your curls or make a statement with a large, vibrant bow. Bows also provide some visual interest when added to a bun, ponytail, or fauxhawk.


This is another look that's having a serious moment, and is on trend. One of things we love about barrettes is that this accessory is not super easy to find just about anywhere you can buy hair products. You can opt for pearl or jewel barrettes for a more glamorous look, or keep it simple with black or brown barrettes. Either use a barrette alone, or you can even gussy up a style with a couple different types. Add a barrette to a braid, or a ponytail. The sky's the limit with this super versatile accessory.

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