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6 Amazing Styles for Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever felt like you've fallen into a funk when it comes to styling your curls? Sometimes it seems as though there are only a few styles available for curly girls, but that just isn't the case! With a little practice and patience, you can sport some sophisticated, romantic and chic hairstyles perfectly suited for your curls! Check them out below.

curly side braid


1. Curly Sidebraid Ponytail: It can be difficult to style curls without disrupting the pattern. To get an updated look, braid your curls down the side, and tie them into a chic side ponytail. This look works great for the office, gym and for a night on the town.

curly half up


2. Half Up Curls: If your curls can be a bit tricky to tame, consider a half up look. Pull the top part of your curls into a messy bun and secure with pins. This look keeps your curls on point and keeps them from getting too bulky while air drying.

defined curls


3. Defined Curls: Dry your curls with a diffuser and use a curling iron to great a few tighter, defined coils. For an added bonus, pick an on point color like this amazing steely grey to give your curls added definition.

loose curls


4. Long, Loose Curls: There's no point in trying to fight what nature gave you! Use some product and diffuse your center parted curls. This look is perfect for the workplace or a night out. It's an easy and great way to embrace your natural curl pattern.

lavender bob


5. Short Curly Bob: If you're looking for something different, this short bob is adorable and so on point. As for it to be cut shorter at the back to create a natural stacking look. Leaving curls longer to frame your face will make your cheek bones pop. A fun color like lavender keeps this short bob on trend.

curly shag


6. Curly Shag: You don't need to make a dramatic change for your curls to make an impact. This long cut uses V-shaped layers to create the shag effect and accentuate the natural curl pattern.

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