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5 curly girls that rocked curly bangs

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you have curly hair, you might've heard people tell you that you can't wear bangs. Girl, we are here to tell you to ignore that kind of negativity. No matter how curly your hair is, you can definitely rock curly bangs if you want to! Here are 5 curly girls that rocked curly bangs. They make curly bangs look amazing, so don't be afraid to use them as your inspiration!

5 curly girls that rocked curly bangs


Did you know that shags are back? This curly girl certainly does. Shags are very flattering for a variety of reasons, which is why they keep coming back into style. Shags allow your natural curls to be shown, and this look has eyebrow skimming bangs to give some interest around the face.


This look is slightly asymmetrical, which gives it visual interest. The deep side part gives some lift and volume across the crown of the head. Add in a long side fringe, and you have a really cute look that also shows off your individual curls.


If you want to try out some bangs without fully committing, a nice soft fringe over the forehead might be the way to go. Ask your stylist to pull down a light bang, which will still give you the feeling of having a fringe without fully committing to it. This look works really well for fine curls.


Not everyone wants to go shorter with their curly look, and that's totally ok. If you'd like to retain length, a curly bang can still work really well. This look has longer layers to help retain length, and has a medium thick bang across the forehead, and is just barely eyebrow skimming. The overall look is a little bit more severe than some of the other, but works really well for tighter curls.


For wavier curls, a heavier bang can give you a bit more visual interest, and your curls won't bounce back up as much when cut This bob has longer lengths around the face, and is tapered towards the back. This gives some great texture and definition, without compromising style. The heavy side bang could be swept back, or pinned back as needed.

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