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The 5 Best Hairbands for Curly Girls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Finding the right hairband to hold back your mane can be tricky. Many hairbands promise, but few deliver. We've selected our top 5 favorite hair bands which are sure to keep your curls held back. In addition to keeping your bangs off your face, hairbands can be a quick and easy way to add some flair to your look.

Sweaty Bands: For our athletic girls, keeping your curls off your face can be really difficult. These hairbands are created with moisture wicking materials to keep sweat off your face. They come in tons of colors and their no-slip design makes it so they stay in place.

Natural Life Boho Wrap: This super versatile headband serves not only to keep your hair held back from your face but also as hair tie, wrap or bracelet. It's made of a smooth elastic-free rayon so it won't tug on your curls and comes in lots of great colors.

Under Armor's Women's Perfect Headband: When you really need your hair to stay in place, reach for one of these babies. Under Armor is one of the most respected and well known athletics brands and their headbands live up to their reputation. The bands are developed with rivets to hold hair in place, while the smooth fabrics mean your curls won't be damaged.

Infinity Headbands: These headbands are designed to be more of a fashion statement than a functional piece, but are a great way to take your updo to the next level. Each headband has an elastic back which holds in place and is sewn with a unique beaded design.

Scunci Bendable Headbands: Many curly haired girls avoid headbands because they can cause damage to delicate curls. This headband is tough enough to get the job done but is covered with a smooth material. The downside is that it only currently comes in one color.

Do you have a favorite brand or hairband style you like to rock? Share it with us in the comments and check out even more awesome headbands here.

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