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Why Your Twist Out Didn’t Work

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Why Your Twist Out Didn't Work


Isn't it annoying to spend your time creating a twist out, only to have it not work? Twist outs can be a great way to encourage the natural texture of your hair to shine through. However, unless done right, it can drag curls down. Here's why your twist out didn't work, and what you can do about it.

Why Your Twist Out Didn't Work

Your trim is overdue:

If you haven't been in for a regular trim, you can be guaranteed your twist out is going to fall flat. Those dead ends won't twist and retain their shape. So don't skip that bi monthly trim session with your stylist.

Your curls were still tangled:

If your curls are tangled, you can be sure your twist out won't be successful. Before beginning the process, make sure you've spent some time really working through all knots and snarls. Without doing this, twists won't stay in place. Your twists could become matted and difficult to remove down the road.

You don't know if you should dry or wet style:

Some curlies prefer to style their hair dry, because they feel it leads to less shrinkage. Whereas other find their curls retain better shape when twisted while wet. Experiment to figure out what works best for you.

You don't use the “right” product:

Finding “the one” is hugely important when it comes to managing your twist out. This is because each head of curls responds differently to products. This is another time you'll need to experiment to determine which product will work to create the best twist out for you.

You aren't using enough tension:

Some curlies don't apply enough tension to the root of their hair when styling their curls. This can lead to limp twist outs, which creates frizz. Make sure to apply even tension throughout while twisting in order to get an even application.

Your twists aren't completely dry:

Doing a twist out properly takes time and energy. If you don't have time to allow it dry completely, don't bother. Schedule enough time to allow your twists to completely dry before removing them.

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