Why you should use hot oil on curly hair


Do you wish your curls were softer, smoother, and easier to manage? If so, then you should start thinking about incorporating hot oil treatments into your curly hair routine. Hot oil has a very 1990s ring to it; so many of us remember our moms breaking open those little packets of oil after warming them in a bowl of hot water to apply to their hair. Well, it seems like our moms were onto something with this treatment.

Hot oil has a ton of benefits and uses. Here’s why you should use hot oil on curly hair , and how you can harness the benefits for your strands. Remember, the oil shouldn’t be hot, but just warm. You should also focus on utilizing an oil that’s best for your curl type. For example, those with finer strands should utilize oils that are more lightweight. Those with thicker, heavier coils can slather on a heftier oil.

Why you should use hot oil on curly hair

  1. It helps restore the natural moisture balance to your curls. If your strands are very dry and distressed, oil can help introduce and capture moisture into your strands.

2. Oil can also be really useful for sealing moisture into your curls after washing and conditioning. Since curly hair needs moisture to be healthy, oil can be a helpful tool. It also helps close down the ends of your curls, locking moisture in.

3. Massaging oil into your scalp is super relaxing. Not only is it relaxing, it also will help increase blood flow to your scalp. When your scalp has healthy blood flow, it’s more likely your strands will grow faster, and come in more healthily.

4. Oil can improve the overall health of your coils, meaning your hair will be smoother, softer, easier to style, and shinier. Really, what’s not to love about that? Oil does this by smoothing down irritated cuticles, which will also help your strands hold moisture in better as well.

5. Finally regular massage can help protect your scalp from irritants, such as dandruff. By keeping your blood flow moving, you’re also removing build up. This will allow your scalp to stay healthy, and continue good blood flow.