What you can do to get great curls today

Oftentimes when we struggle to get our curls under control, it can be easy to give up. However, this is what you can do to get great curls today. Starting yourself on the road to curl care recovery can be daunting, especially if you’ve been straightening or treating your curls for a long time. However, there are little steps you can take to help make your curls much easier to manage.

What you can do to get great curls today

Use apple cider vinegar:

This is a really easy, and inexpensive way to help start taking care of your curls. ACV helps remove build up, creates a healthier scalp, and smooths down frizzy strands. Additionally, your curls will be left shiny and healthier, so what’s not to love about this treatment?


It can sometimes feel as though there are a lot of steps to curl care, and this can be overwhelming. However, if you have very dry or damaged curls, consider adding a prepoo into your routine. One of the great things about this is that it can be applied overnight, and allowed to sit until you shower. Apply a warm oil throughout your strands. If you have fine, lightweight curls, focus on the midshaft down. Curly girls with thicker, kinkier coils can take this as an opportunity to do a hot oil massage, then gently pull the oil through.

Regularly deep condition:

Curly hair is dry hair. This is just a fact of life. Therefore, you need to treat your curls to a regular deep conditioning treatment in order for your strands to be their healthiest and happiest. At least once a week, use a deep conditioner on your curls. Monthly, you can rotate in a protein treatment to help maintain the structural integrity of your strands, and help minimize breakage.

Skip heat:

Heat is absolutely going to be your enemy when it comes to healing and repairing curls, especially when applied directly to your strand. This means you’ll need to put up your heat tools, including your hair dryer, for the time being. Try to allow yourself as much time as possible without using heat applied directly to your strands so your curls and scalp have an opportunity to heal. The exception to this rule would be using steam to open the curl cuticle with deep conditioning, or wrapping a warm towel around your strands while the deep conditioner is sitting. However, you should still be carefully monitoring your curls to make sure your strands aren’t experiencing worse breakage.