What to do when your waves fall flat


Is there anything more irritating than spending time styling your wavy hair, only to have your curls fall flat? We don’t think so! Waves are unique to curly hair, and therefore can take a bit of finessing when it comes to handling them. As a result, knowing what to do when your waves fall flat can be really useful when it comes to curl care. Give these suggestions a try, and if you love them, make sure you let us know.

What to do when your waves fall flat

Get a curly cut:

If you’re still seeing a stylist with stick-straight hair, it’s time to switch it up. Go to a stylist who ideally has curly hair themselves, and clearly knows how to care for it. Barring that, find a stylist who has been extensively trained in curly hair care, and has been cutting for several years. You want someone with experience who can give you a cut specifically for your type of hair.


This styling technique works wonders on wavy strands, as it gives your curls the opportunity to dry while holding their natural shape. This is really effective for wavy strands, which tend to be prone to falling. A lot of wavy girls use this in their curl care routine, so if you aren’t already, it might be time to consider adding it in.

Drying upside down:

One frustrating downside of wavy hair is that you often can find it difficult to get volume at the roots. Therefore, by spending time drying your strands upside down, you may find more success creating volume. Flip your strands over, and use a diffuser to dry your roots swiftly. This will give some lift, and allow your strands to dry evenly.

Use root lifter:

There is nothing wrong with using a bit of product to help you get what you want, and root lifter might just be the gift your wavy strands need. Apply root lifter right to the base of your waves while your strands are damp to help get more volume.

Use clips:

Some curly girls try inserting clips at the base of their curls to help create more lift and volume. Some use the “O clipping” method, whereas others use duckbilled clips to achieve their goal.

Avoid build up:

If there’s anything that’s going to prove to be the bane of your wavy hair’s existence, it’s going to be product build up. Since your waves are already fine and prone to being dragged down, build up will only make it worse. Therefore, you’re going to want to make sure you’re regularly clarifying your strands to remove any build up or calcification on your roots. When you do clarify, make sure you’re also massaging your scalp with your fingertips to loosen debris and increase blood flow. Your wavy hair will thank you for it!