What To Do If Your Curls Are Too Dry

The Easiest Ways To Keep Natural Curls Healthy

Do you ever feel as though your curls are too dry? Even if you’re doing your best, curls can still sometimes take on that dreaded, straw like consistency. Here’s what to do if your curls are too dry. These tips will help you rehydrate your curls.

What To Do If Your Curls Are Too Dry


What To Do If Your Curls Are Too Dry

Don’t exclusively cowash:

Cowashing is definitely having a moment among curly girls. It offers the opportunity to cleanse your curls without stripping away natural moisture. However, if you don’t mix in a shampoo here and there, you might actually find your curls becoming dry over time. This is because too much cowashing will lead to build up on your strands, prohibiting moisture from penetrating the curl’s shaft.

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Don’t skip washing your protective style:

If you’re not regularly washing your protective style, you’re doing your curls a disservice. While it might seem counter productive to wet down your braids or knots, a light shampoo at the four week mark can help remove build up or dandruff that could be clogging your scalp. Additionally, make sure to remove your protective style at 8 weeks.

Deep condition regularly:

This is a task that absolutely should be accomplished with regularity. Deep conditioners are necessary for the health and vibrancy of your curls. By regularly using a deep conditioner, you’ll be re introducing moisture into dried out strands.

Use the LOC Method:

This method ensures that moisture will be locked in. First apply a water based liquid for hydration, follow with your curl cream for styling and enhancement, and then seal down strands with an oil. This will lock moisture in, and prevent it from escaping into the environment.

Daily care:

If you’re skipping out on the daily care and maintenance of your curls, then you’re probably going to see your strand become dried out.  In order to care for your curls every day, you’re going to need to spritz your strands with water, or a leave in conditioner. You can purchase or even make your curl refreshing spray right at home to help keep your strands hydrated and healthy.

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