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What temperature to use when washing your curls and why

by Chelsea Castonguay
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There can be a lot of contradicting information out there about what temperature to use when washing your curls and why. While many of us really enjoy a scalding hot shower, we know it's probably not best to wash our hair in that same temperature. Therefore, we thought we'd help break some of this down so it can be easier to figure out how to use what temperature and why to wash your curls. Give this handy guide a read through and you might find yourself with a better understanding of how to care for your curls.

Cold water:

While cold water can be a bit jarring when you're showering, there are times it can be really helpful for your curls. Cold water can seal down the hair's cuticle after cleansing. This can allow your curls to retain the moisture necessary for healthy strands.

When your curls are sealed down with cold water, you may notice your strands are shinier and healthier looking. After your cuticles are sealed down, your hair will appear smoother, and be easier to manage. There will be much less frizz.

One thing to note, however, is that cold water might reduce the overall volume of your hair, as it forces the cuticle to close down tightly. Therefore, if you're trying to get more volume with your curls, you might want to avoid overusing very cold water on your strands.

Hot water:

Who doesn't love a really hot shower? Hot water serves its purpose, and while you don't want to scald your scalp, it can be beneficial to use warm water. After thoroughly saturating your hair and scalp with warm water, you may find it much easier to remove excess product or buildup. After doing a hot oil massage, warm water will remove the oil with more ease than cold water will. Rinsing hair with warm water prior to doing a clarifying treatment or a scalp detox can help dislodge any build up or excess product, giving you a deeper clean.

If you use hot water regularly, you might notice your cuticles tend to stay open. If you color treat your curls, this can be a bit problematic, as color won't stay in as well. Therefore, if you have color treated curls, think about avoiding using hot water to cleanse your strands as much as possible.

Finally, overusing hot water can cause your curls to frizz up. This is because the hot water removes excess product, as well as natural oils your curls need to stay moisturized. While your curls are seeking water from the environment, your cuticles will open up to draw the water in. This can lead to frizz.

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