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What Not To Do With Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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What Not To Do With Curls


The internet is awash in cautionary tales about what not to do when it comes to curl care. There can be lot of overwhelming and sometimes contradictory information to sort through. However, that doesn't mean there aren't some great resources out there. We want you to avoid any pitfalls when it comes to caring for curls. Here's what not to do with curls.

Skipping Hydration:

Curly hair require more moisture than other curl types. This is because of its coily shape, which makes it difficult for oils to make it down the shaft. As a result, curly hair must be boosted with extra moisture. Skipping out on hydrating your curls is a recipe for frizz and disaster. Additionally, when selecting products, try to choose ones designed for curly hair, as these products will be formulated to provide the hydration curls need.

Using Sulfate Shampoos:

If you're still using the same bubbly shampoo from your youth, it's time to swap it out for a sulfate free version. All of those bubbles may seem luxurious, but in truth they're wreaking havoc on your delicate strands. Any type of sulfate strips everything out of your curls, and this includes oils. A clarifying shampoo is useful for removing build up or excess product but should be used sparingly. However, going forward consider using a cowash for safe curl cleansing or a gentle cleansing shampoo instead of your same old coconut $2 Target special. Your curls will thank you for it.

Over Rinsing:

Most of us are raised to rinse our hair until the water runs clean and strands are left with  squeaky, product free feeling. Over rinsing curls can actually be detrimental to the overall health of strands. Instead of rinsing away every single bit of conditioner, allow some to remain behind. While this may seem counter intuitive, a bit of conditioner left in strands will actually help promote hydration and minimize frizz.

Washing Curls Too Often:

Believe it or not, it's possible to over wash curls. Spending too much time under the faucet can remove the natural oils curls spend time building up, leaving a dry and distressed scalp. Instead of washing daily, try to start limiting to every other day, and cut back to train curls to go longer lengths of time between washes.

How To Get Great Second Day Curls

Too Much Heat:

Overusing heat can have disastrous effects on curls. Consider cutting back or eliminating the use of hot styling tools. Instead, allow curls to air dry, or use a diffuser if there isn't enough time for air drying.


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