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The Wavy Curl Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Wavy curls are not all made alike. When it comes to your waves, you might struggle to find ways to coax them into curls. We want you to love your waves instead of fighting them. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks we think you need to know to get your best waves ever.

Don't over do it: When it comes to products for waves, less is often more. Select the right products for your curl type and use them according to the directions. Your waves and bank account will thank you for it.

Avoid frizz: Waves tend to be pretty frizz prone due to their looser texture. To help avoid frizz while your hair is drying, use a diffuser to speed along the process. Make sure your waves are completely dry before putting your hands in them.

Keep it cool: When cleansing and rinsing curls, make sure it's done with cool water. Cool water closes down a cuticle, allowing moisture to stay inside the curl's shaft.

Swap your towel: It's tempting to jump out of the shower and towel dry your curls, but don't do it! Instead of rubbing your curls dry with terry cloth, try blotting them instead with a soft t-shirt.

Consider cowashing: Over cleansing your curls can lead to damage as natural oils are stripped from the strands. Use a cowash that you purchase or make yourself to keep your curls healthy and happy.

Always prepoo: If you have waves that tend to drop or get dry, consider prepaying before cleansing. This involves coating your curls with an oil and allowing it to sit prior to washing. For wavies, use a lighter oil like olive or almond to avoid having your curls weighed down.

Don't brush: Do you love frizzy, disrupted curls and waves? If so, continue brushing them! In all seriousness, don't use a brush on your waves. Instead pick through snarls with a wide toothed comb or your fingers.


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