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Wash and Go, Braided Bun Style for Natural Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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As curly girls we are always on the hunt for the perfect wash and go styles for our coils. YouTuber Hazel Goddess has brought us this adorable wash and go style with braided double buns. We are going to break down the steps for you to create an easy DIY!

source: youtube.com @ Hazel Goddess

Step 1: Separate your curly hair into two sections, a bottom and top half. Secure with a hair elastic. Then separate the top half into two sections to create little buns.

Step 2: Spritz your curls with water and detangle with a wide tooth comb to avoid frizz. Then apply the styling product of your choice, such as a moisturizing styling cream. Apply from your roots to ends to moisturize and define your curls.

Step 3: Brush your hair into a pony tail situated high on your head. If you use gel for your edges, this is a good time to apply it. If your hair needs extra detangling, this is a good time to utilize your water bottle and wide tooth comb again before braiding the hair all the way down to the end. Once you've completed your braid, wrap it around the ponytail, similar to a bantu knot. Secure your bun with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: To get your back section ready for styling, grab that water bottle and give those curls a good soaking. Once saturated, split your curls into two sections, pinning up the top so you can work with each section separately. Detangle using your wide tooth comb and apply your product to give your curls definition. Continue to work through your curls, adding product as necessary and scrunching to define your locks.

Step 5: Wear your new style out and about and show all your friends! Let us know how the style turned out for you!

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