Try These Great Daily Curl Care Tips

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Taking care of your curls feel like an all consuming task. It’s not a secret that curls require more work than other textures. However, the payout makes the work worth it. Try these great daily curl care tips. Give these suggestions a try, and begin loving your curls again!

Try These Great Daily Curl Care Tips

Try These Great Daily Curl Care Tips

Set your pace:

Don’t hold your curls up against anyone else’s. Your curls are one-of-a-kind, and gorgeous! Instead of wishing your hair was something it isn’t learn to enjoy and take care of what you have.

Pamper your curls:

Don’t forget your curls need daily TLC. Treat your strands to regular deep conditioning treatments, at least once a week. For daily care, make sure you’re hydrating your strands with a curl refreshing spritzer or even just some nice water.

Eat well:

Great curls start from the inside out. if you aren’t getting enough nutrition, you can guarantee your hair, skin, and nails are going to show it. Fill your diet with whole foods such as veggies, lean proteins, and fruits to get a wide array of nutrients. Your curls will be healthier and stronger, which means you’ll need to do less work to maintain your strands.

Protect your strands:

Don’t forget your curls need to be protected from the elements. This includes sun, extreme cold, wind, and things like pool chlorine. Cover your curls with silk or satin lined caps before heading outside to avoid tangles. Make sure you’re using a SPF or heat protecting spray before heading outdoors in the heat. And finally, slather your strands with a thick conditioner, or use a swim cap before diving into the pool.

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Take your time:

When researching new products, take your time. Make sure that what you’re buying is the right type of product for your curls, as well as contains good quality ingredients. This will be a money and time saver in the long run. The same goes for styling and detangling. If you’re rushed, you’re sure to become frustrated when your curls don’t do as you’d like.