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Tricks To Make Your Curls Look Amazing Today

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Even though you might be currently under quarantine, it doesn't mean your curls have to suffer! If you're hanging out at home more than usual these days, now is a great time to experiment with some tricks and tips for your curls hair. If you find something you love, you'll have a great chance to practice before things go back to normal. If not, no one will ever need to know! Try these tricks to make your curls look amazing today. And tomorrow, and the day after that.

Tricks To Make Your Curls Look Amazing Today

Wide toothed comb:

Girl, if you're still using a brush, toss it. Instead, invest in a good quality wide toothed comb for distributing products, detangling, and helping maintain your overall curl pattern. You won't regret it.

Give plopping a try:

If you feel as though you're waking up with a headful of frizzy, smashed curls every day, or your strands aren't drying with as much shape as you like, plopping might be for you. This super easy technique requires you to lay a tshirt flat on the bed, and plop your curls over onto it. Wrap your hair up, so your curls are kept in their shape, and then secure. Allow your strands to dry for several hours before removing the towel.

Deep condition:

This is something all curly girls should be doing regularly. Curls need to be deep conditioned in order to retain moisture, minimize frizz, and create shine. Therefore, this is something you must do at least once a week. The longer you can leave the product on, the better, so plan some time into your wash day to include at least an hour of deep conditioning. This is a great time to treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath or a movie while your hair sits.

Skip heat:

This is a hard one for most curly girls to hear, but heat tools aren't your friend. In fact, heat can often be attributed to a lot of damage for curly girls. Therefore, commit to giving your curls a rest for a few months. Put away the flat iron, and lock up the curlers. Instead, allow your curls to air dry as much as possible. If you must use a heat tool, make sure you're using a protective spray beforehand.

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