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The Tips You Need To Care For Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Many people are born with curly hair but don't learn how to care for or appreciate it until later in life. Whether you've been loving your natural curls for years or are just now learning about your texture, there's ways to make taking care of your hair easier! Here are the tips you need to know for caring for your curls.

The best products:

Some products are better than others for curl care, plain and simple. When selecting shampoos, you need to avoid ones that list sulfates or surfactants, as those are harsh cleansing detergents and will strip your curls of moisture. The foaming action you may enjoy is leading you directly for frizz. If you are prone to greasy hair or swim in chlorinated pools, a light foaming cleanser might work for you. Otherwise, stick with natural, moisturizing cleansing products.

When selecting a conditioner, avoid anything that features silicone or silicone related ingredients. Silicones coat your strands, which makes them shiner and easier to detangle initially. However, in the long run it can hurt your curls more by preventing moisture from penetrating your strands.

The same goes when selecting your styling product; natural is best. Select products that list water as the first ingredient and avoid products that are loaded with chemicals, as they will inevitably be bad for your curls in the long run.

Washing correctly:

Having an effective washing routine is important for caring for your curls. Prep your curls before washing if you've been using silicone based conditioners. You will need to use your sulfate shampoos for one last time to get the silicone out of your strands. Wash your curls with a mild shampoo or a cowash. Follow with a conditioning treatment and allow it to sit on your curls for a minimum of 30 minutes for full absorption.

After shower care:

What happens next is just as important as the prep and shower. Avoid combing your curls and instead work through tangles with your fingers. Feel free to use a leave in conditioner or a bit of oil to help work through snarls. Never pull, but instead take your time to individually work on each tangle. Apply the product you prefer throughout your strands by gently scrunching it in. Then remove excess water with a microfiber towel by continuing to scrunch. Allow to air dry or use your diffuser to help the drying process along.

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