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Tips for caring for low density curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you have low density and fine curls, odds are you've had some moment of frustration during your curl care journey. When your curls are fine, or low density, you can experience a lack of volume and sometimes even some thin areas. While this can be really irritating to deal with, there's way to manage it. These are tips for caring for low density curls. Give these suggestions a try, and see if it helps improve your curls.

Tips for caring for low density curls

Use low poo:

When it comes to product, knowing how to use them correctly is going to be the first step towards helping you gain more volume in your curls. Start by using a low poo cleanser, and clarifying regularly to remove build up from product, which will drag your curls down. While shampoos may strip your curls of necessary natural oils, a low poo will cleanse without being too heavy, or leaving your strands dried out to create frizzy. When you do condition, don't slather your strands from roots to tips with conditioner. Instead, focus on applying just the right amount of product from mid shaft down. Opt for a more lightweight, moisturizing product as opposed to a thicker product that will ultimately end up weighing your strands. When you deep condition, focus more on your ends, and avoid applying products to your scalp.

Pick the right products:

Playing with products can be one of the most fun parts of having curly hair, however it can get expensive and ultimately be damaging to your curls. Therefore, save yourself some time, money, and grief by spending some time really examining the products you use. For example, a product that works for your friend with thicker, kinkier curls probably is going to be too heavy for your hair. Instead, look for curl care products designed specifically for finer, low density curls.

Use only what you need:

Another benefit of having low density or fine curls is that you really won't need a whole lost of products to control your strands. In fact, you'll probably only need two or three products to really make your hair work. A volumizing mousse is a great place to start, and you an add in a lightweight gel to help keep your curls clumped. Finally, you might try a very light smoothing serum for your ends to help manage any flyaways.

When you're using your products, go for a less is more approach. Start with less product, and add more as needed. This way you can control what goes into your strands, and you won't need to worry about going too far. Remember, you can't take product out without washing it, but you can add more as needed.

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