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Tips for better scalp coverage

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When you have fine, thin curls, you might notice it's difficult to get your strands to cover your scalp really well. Since no one wants thin patches or areas where their scalp shows through, understanding how to get your curls to work for you is half the battle. Here are tips for better scalp coverage. Give these suggestions a try, and let us know if they work for you. Don't forget to share other techniques that work for you in the comments.

Tips for better scalp coverage

Start by clarifying your curls. Once build up is removed, it'll make it much easier for your curls to have lift and volume, thereby covering open spots more effectively.

When getting ready to apply your products, make sure your strands are damp but not soaked. This will give your curls more volume, and still allow your product to distribute evenly.

When applying products and styling your curls, section out your strands and work section by section. Apply products section by section will help define your curls.

Use your fingertips to slip under your strands and gently lift your curls from your scalp. Shake your curls out, and you can even flip your strands upside down for a good scalp massage. This will encourage your curls to lift away from your scalp, and help your strands cover more ground, so to speak.

When you're ready to dry your curls, flip your strands upside down and use a diffuser to target specific areas. This will help your curls dry evenly, and encourage broader cover of your strands. You can also use your diffuser to finish drying your curls after plopping.

Once your curls are completely dry, don't be afraid to arrange them as you need to help cover your scalp more effectively. Pinch individual strands, lift, and arrange them as needed. You can also use a pick or comb to help lift the volume of your strands.

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