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Tips For 4c Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Tips For 4c Curls


Tips For 4c Curls

All curls are made differently. Sometimes it's possible to even have two types of curls on your head. When it comes to 4c curls, which tend to be kinkier and have more coils, there are some specific ways to take care of your hair. Here are the tips for 4c curls you need to know about.

Tips For 4c Curls


Always prepoo:

Before you even consider washing your strands, make sure you pre poo. This will protect your curls from moisture loss during the washing process.

Deep condition:

It can be tempting to skip out on the deep conditioning portion of your routine, but this can be really detrimental. Make sure you schedule enough time when doing your wash routine to ensure you have time to properly deep condition your curls.

Heavier products:

Don't be afraid to slather your curls with heavier products; your hair can handle it. In order to keep your curls under control, you'll want to consider thicker, more luxurious products. You can seek out products that feature shea butter or other moisturizing ingredients other curls can't stand up to.

Avoid tips:

Unless it's tips that are specifically for type 4c curls, ignore them! Other curl types aren't like yours, so avoid information that will only lead you down the wrong path of curl care.


When working on your curls, whether its detangling, washing, or applying product, do it in 6-8 sections. This will ensure you're covering all areas of your curls without missing any. When you are detangling, make sure you're using your fingers or a wide toothed comb after using conditioner to create slip. Combs can tear your curls and disrupt your pattern.

Don't manipulate:

When styling your curls, do everything you can to avoid over manipulating your strands. Your goal is to style without disrupting your natural curl pattern or creating frizz.

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