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Tips everyone with curls should know

by Chelsea Castonguay
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There are tons of tips and tricks out there when it comes to taking care of curls. While it's true that no curls are created exactly the same, there are a lot of tips everyone with curls should know. Give these suggestions a try and let us know if any of them work for you.

Tips everyone with curls should know

Check your products:

There are a lot of ingredients in products that aren't so great for your curls. Therefore, you might want to check out your products to see what they contain. Try to avoid products containing artificial ingredients, including fragrances. Silicones, parabans, and sulfates are all tough on your curls, so try to avoid those in favor of natural, and organic products.

Make a relationship:

If you don't have one yet, a great hairstylist is one way to work towards having beautiful, healthy curls. One way to achieve this is to make a relationship with a stylist trained in cutting curly hair. Ideally, you'll want to find a stylist who has curly hair themselves, but if you can't find one, make sure to ask what training the stylist has received in cutting curly hair. Additionally, make sure you're clear with your stylist about what's currently in your hair regarding chemical treatments or colors, as well as what you're willing to commit to for time and upkeep. Together, you can work towards creating the perfect look that highlights your beautiful strands.

Care for your strands:

There's a lot you can do to take care of your hair, which is what will help keep your curls looking great. Make sure you're moisturizing your curls regularly, washing them correctly, and applying the right products. Additionally, before bed take the time to put your curls into a protective style and use a silk pillowcase to keep moisture from wicking moisture away from your strands.

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