Tips and tricks to rocking long curls

Do you ever see pictures of bloggers or influencers with long curly hair and wish your curls could look as amazing as theirs? Well, they can. There are a lot of ways to manage, care for, and style curly hair, but sometimes long curl care gets left behind. Here are some tips and tricks to rocking long curls. If you have anything you’d add to this list, don’t forget to weigh in in the comments below.

Revise your haircut:

If you haven’t visited your stylist for awhile, it’s time to book that appointment. Get in with your stylist and talk about some cuts and cutting techniques that can help your curls look their absolute best.

For long curls, some techniques to consider include adding in long layers. This will remove weight and let your natural strands bounce up.

Consider bangs:

For years many curly girls labored under the belief that they just couldn’t rock bangs, but really nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to take your long curls to the next level, consider adding a curly fringe the next time you get a haircut. Curly bangs create great visual interest, and allow for some lift and volume at the top of your head.

Play with parts:

While it’s pretty impossible to deny that center parts are in right now, playing around with parts is a low-risk way to create some visual interest and shake things up. You could try rocking a deep side part, and even switch back and forth. Revitalize the beloved zig-zag part of the early aughts to give your curls some volume, lift, and to show off your natural texture. The best part about a part is if you don’t like it, you can go back to what you prefer.

Don’t forget curl care:

Even though long hair tends to feel a little more hands-off when it comes to curl care, you need to make sure you’re taking care of your curls anyway. Regular deep conditioning and protein treatments will help protect your strands from damage, making sure you can continue rocking those long strands for years to come. Make sure you’re taking good care of your scalp with regular exfoliations and hot oil massage, as well as getting trims or cuts as needed. Removing build up from the scalp will help your strands grow long, and getting the dead ends removed will keep them strong.