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Tips And Tricks For Well Moisturized Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Tips And Tricks For Well Moisturized Curls


Taking care of curls isn't always easy. Naturally curly hair can be tricky to manage, particularly because it tend to be quite dry. Therefore, you'll want to consider these tips and tricks for well moisturized curls. When curls are hydrated, the hair becomes much easier to style and manage.

Tips And Tricks For Well Moisturized Curls

Lower heat:

There's a lot of ways you can use heat in your curls to enhance your strands. However, over using heat or using heat at too high of a temperature can actually be extremely detrimental to your strands. Too much heat will dehydrate your curls, so when you do use it, be thoughtful about the temperature and amount of heat applied.

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Stay hydrated:

When it comes to curls, hydration is key. While most curly girls spend a lot of time moisturizing their curls externally, it's important to start from the inside out. Make sure you're taking care of yourself and drinking plenty of water. This will help your curls grow longer and stronger from the inside out.

Consider the L.O.C. method:

This is one of many ways to moisturize your strands. This method includes a pattern for caring for curls, and it goes liquid, oil, and cream. Apply the liquid to moisturize your strands, oil to close your strands, and cream to coat it. This method locks moisture into your strands, and prevents it from escaping into the environment.

Regularly condition:

If you aren't make sure you're regularly using conditioners and deep conditioning treatments. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to introduce moisture back into your strands.

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Your curls need to be hydrated regularly, and this includes protecting your strands before you begin shampooing. Curls are prone to dryness and damage, so therefore, you'll need to make sure your strands are protected before shampooing. A good prepoo will help make sure your strands are well protected before you begin shampooing.

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