The Vitamins To Take For Stronger Curls

Have you ever felt as though your curls are constantly breaking? Gaining length can be difficult if your curls are weak and brittle. There can be a lot of reasons why your curls fail to thrive, but there’s also lots you can do about it. These are teh vitamins to take for stronger curls.

The Vitamins To Take For Stronger Curls

The Vitamins To Take For Stronger Curls

Vitamin E and A: 

Even hair needs antioxidants! Free radicals attack healthy curls too, so combat them by adding these vitamins to your routine. Pick up a supplement or incorporate foods rich in these vitamins into your diet.

Vitamin B Complex:

Not only is this vitamin amazing for your overall health, it will definitely help the health of your hair. Benefits of this vitamin include an increased metabolism and lower stress levels. Since hair growth can be negatively impacted by stress, this vitamin can help manage your stress levels.


Not only is this great for your digestion and overall gut health, it is good for helping grow and maintain strong hair. Overall health and well being will allow your body to have the energy to continue producing healthy strands.

Flax Seed Oil:

This oil has been shown to decrease risk of deadly diseases in your body, and it also works fabulously in your curls! When selecting which oil, make sure you research to pick a reputable, and high quality brand. This will ensure your oil will be the most effective.

Folic Acid:

When you’re searching for a multivitamin, make sure to pick up one containing folic acid. This vitamin is a powerhouse when it comes to helping grow and maintain healthy curls. A lot of moms who take prenatal vitamins (which also has this vitamin) notice an increase in curl and nail growth.

Foods To Eat To Grow Long Curls

Have you given any of these vitamins a try? If so, let us know which you prefer and what works well for you.