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The Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you struggling to achieve the curly hair of your dreams? If so, these are the mistakes you might be making with your curls. Curly hair is finicky and can require a lot of finesse to get it just right. However, understanding where you might've gone wrong and what you need to do to fix it is half the battle. Give these suggestions a try, and fall in love with your gorgeous mane of curls all over again.

The Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Curls

Over cleansing:

It can be tempting to wash your hair daily, especially during the summer months, or if you're very active. However, this can actually create more problems. When curly girls complain that their hair is dry, or their scalp is overly greasy, one of the first things we ask is how often they're washing their curls. Odds are, it's too often. Instead of regularly shampooing, skip a few days between. Instead, opt to use dry shampoo to absorb oil, and refresh your strands with a cowash when you can.

Not using conditioner correctly:

Conditioner is a fabulous tool for caring for curls, but only when used correctly. When applying, don't scrub the conditioner into your strands. Instead, apply it gently and evenly. Make sure you're allotting plenty of conditioner to completely cover and saturate your curls; too little will be ineffective. Before you do apply, make sure you're saturating your curls with water, and allowing the conditioner to sit for long enough to actually work. When you do rinse, allow about 10-20% of the product to remain in your curls to add a boost of moisture.

Not using product correctly:

This is a pitfall most of us experience at some point in our curly hair journey. When you buy curly hair products, start by making sure they're the right type for your hair. Products designed for wavy hair, for example, wont work as effectively on thick, kinky coils, and vice versa. Additionally, read the back to make sure you're following the directions for application. If a product calls for curls to be wet when applying, don't apply to bone-dry curls. Water helps emulsify the product, and allows your strands to absorb it. Applying to dry hair will make the product ineffective, which is super frustrating. Finally, use enough product. When it comes to curls, this isn't the time to be skimpy. Apply a generous amount in order to get the job done.

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