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The Guide To Natural Hair Lingo

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Guide To Natural Hair Lingo


If you're new to the natural curl care journey, or transitioning, welcome! First of all, embracing curls is a wonderful thing,  but takes getting used to. Not only are there a whole new set of products to learn about, there's also a whole set of lingo that comes with it. If you've eve wondered what it all mans, here's the guide to natural hair lingo.

The Guide To Natural Hair Lingo

Protective style:

This is a low manipulation hairstyle that's designed to protect your curls from damage. Curlies utilize protective styles when growing out their hair or during transitioning, because it locks in moisture to minimize breakage. Examples of protective styles include braids, twists, buns, ponytails, and bantu knots.


Curls can lose a lot of moisture overnight to the air and through cotton pillowcases. Before heading to bed, gather your curls up on top of your head, and lightly tie them into place. This creates the pineapple look, therefore keeping curls from getting flattened during the night.

Pre Poo:

Before sudsing up, you need to protect your mane. Use an oil to cover your strands from midshaft down to the ends. As a result, this will help seal in moisture and prevent it from being lost during the washing process.

LCO or LOC Method:

This acronym refers to the application of product to curls in order to help preserve as much moisture as possible. L is leave-in/liquid, O is oil, and C is cream. Different curlies use different products to achieve success with this method.


Some curlies opt to not use shampoo at all, as they find it to be damaging to their strands. Instead, they choose to use a cowash, which is a conditioning treatment.


This is product, most often a an oil, which is used to lock moisture into your curls.

In order to properly detangle curls and to get a better defined curl pattern, you need to create slip. This is because curls without slip will pull and tear. This can be done by using conditioners or oils.


This term refers to seeing an actual decrease in the length of your hair.

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