The Essential No Frizz Solutions For Curls

Eliminating Frizz In Curls Naturally

Part of the territory when it comes to having curls is also managing frizz. Curls are naturally dry, and therefore prone to frizz. There are a lot of other factors that can go into creating frizz. While there is nothing wrong with having frizzy hair, some curly girls don’t want to deal with it. These are the essential no frizz solutions for curls. Give these tips a try, and let us know if it works for you and your curls.

The Essential No Frizz Solutions For Curls

The Essential No Frizz Solutions For Curls

Good hair cut:

Starting with a good foundation is important for managing frizz. Work together with your curly hair trained stylist to develop a style that removes weight, and allows curls to highlight their natural shape. Removing dead ends and splits will also help keep frizz at bay.

Skip shampoos:

While standing under the hot water in the shower everyday is relaxing, it’s hell on your curls. As a result, curls will be left dry and moisture seeking, which creates frizz. Therefore, you’ll want to consider skipping shampoos. Refresh as necessary, or use cowash to remove build up.

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Use tons of conditioner:

A moisturizing conditioner is extremely important to frizz management. Conditioner smooths, repairs, and replenishes dry curls. It also works as a great detangler. You can pick up a cheap conditioner to use a detangler or skip creator. However, when it comes to deep conditioning your curls, consider a better quality product more tailored to your curls’ needs. Not all products are created equal, so this is one area you might want to consider doing your research in.

Dry gently:

Many curly girls are used to aiming a blow dryer at their curls to quickly dry strands. However, drying should be a slow and gentle process to avoid stressing out your strands. Remove as much water from your curls as you can using a t-shirt or a microfiber towel. Scrunch, don’t rub. After you’ve applied product and arranged your curls, allowing your strands to air dry is the best way to minimize frizz. However, there are times you can’t wait for your curls to dry. When this happens, grab a diffuserand use low heat to dry curls quickly.