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The Easy Way To Diffuse Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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There's a lot of information out there about using diffusers on your curls. Some work better than others, and there are also some techniques that are more effective. To save you time and protect your delicate curls, here's the easy way to diffuse your curls. Give these suggestions a try, and make sure to let us know if it works for you.

The Easy Way To Diffuse Your Curls

Get the right diffuser:

This is an important first step. Just like curly hair products, not all diffusers are made the same or will work well for your curls. Find a diffuser that offers enough space for cradling your curls, with a wide base. The curls need to be cupped individually, allowing for air to access them evenly on all sides. DevaCurl makes a great diffuser that's shaped like a hand, making it one of the most natural ways to diffuse your curls.

Start with partially dry curls:

When diffusing, starting with soaking wet curls is only going to lead to a mess of frizz. Instead, squeeze out excess water and allow your strands to air dry to about 50%. You can also try the plopping method to speed up the process as well before beginning to diffuse. Apply your products beforehand, and then start working on one section at a time of your curls.

Flip and diffuse:

When diffusing your strands,m it's important to make sure each area is completely dry before continuing on. As a result, you'll want to work on sections, as mentioned above. Each curl should be totally dry before you move on to another area. Once you've completely done one side of your head, flip over and work on the other. Then, flip your head upside down and target the hair around your scalp. This will allow you to help build some volume at your roots. Once all your curls are totally dry, allow your strands to cool down completely to help the shape set.


Understand it cane take quite a awhile to completely dry your curls, especially if you have thick strands or a lot of hair. Long curls can also take some time to completely dry. Therefore, you'll need to make sure you're allocating plenty of time to do this correctly. Once your curls are totally dry and cool, you can take a bit of gel or curl cream to touch up curls that need a little more definition or hold. A bit of hairspray can also encourage strands to hold their shape.

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